Vaclift Units

The Vaclift range includes four units. Each unit is available with power tilt and power or manual slew. We can also supply alternative pads to suit specific applications.
If you have a special lifting requirement, talk to us about a custom built Vaclift tailored by our engineering and design team to your specifications.

Crane/Jib Vaclift Unit (CVL)

Designed primarily for attachment to crane, gantry or jib system and to provide a safe and efficient resolution for moving materials within the workshop, factory or warehouse environment. Ideally suited for loading and unloading workbenches, cutting machines, lasers, routers and the like.

Normally required or supplied as a unit using compressed air supply (Shop air 2.5cfm @ 80psi)
but also available as a fully self contained battery powered unit with no need for power or air from the crane. Tilt and slew functions plus various pad layouts available to suit individual customers requirements.

For applications in a smaller environment or where there is no need for an overhead gantry or crane and for those requiring a fixed system to move materials within a 4000mm arc we provide a complete Jib/lifter package, supplied in kit form ready to install. Click here to see it in action.

Fork/Crane Vaclift Unit (FVL)

Vaclift Forklift Units - FVL are proving to be the most versatile and cost efficient vacuum lifters on today's market. The units are fully self contained only requiring charging via a 240V charger when not in use. Having the ability to move freely around the work area eliminates the need for a jib or crane.

The units are available with or without tilt, both manual and powered. Slew is also available giving even greater flexibility when placing product vertically or on uneven surfaces. The spine of the Vaclift has lifting holes that enable the unit to be used in conjunction with a jib. This provides the greatest flexibility of the Vaclift range.

When not in use, the Vaclift can be placed back on its legs keeping the vacuum pads clear of the floor. FVL's are a total solution for the need to move sheet or plate stock around your site, giving greater flexibility, time management and added safety to your business. A must have for every workshop. Click here to see it in action.

Compressed Air Vaclift Unit

Shop compressed air is the simplest and most cost effective way of powering your Vaclift. Compressed air supply from a compressor via an air line to the unit gives unlimited lifts and movements.
Powered by a venturi with no moving parts and only requiring approximately 2.5 cubic feet of air per minute, Vaclift units using compressed air have proven to be smooth operating and long lasting. The Vaclift control module carries all the audible alarms and lights to indicate when the Vaclift is ready to lift or when there is a reduction in vacuum.
The fully vulcanised high capacity suction pads give superior lifting capabilities and unsurpassed durability. The units have been designed to work in industries with very abrasive conditions such as waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, routing, stone and glass industries.
Being non electric they can also be used in hazardous industries such as petrochemical and wet environments. With lifting capacities of 250Kg and upwards, there is a Vaclift compressed air model to fit almost any lifting need. Click here to see it in action.

Battery Vaclift Unit

Battery powered Vaclift units give greater flexibility, not needing to be permanently attached to power or air supply. This enables the unit to be moved throughout the workshop and to be used outside for loading or unloading or site work as required.
Powered by high quality maintenance free battery, the Vaclift battery powered unit provides great life between charges. Being able to incorporate tilt and non tilt the Vaclift battery powered units are an essential tool in the use of materials handling. Recharged via a 12V charger, the unit can be stored and charged overnight ready for use the next day.

Featuring vacuum gauges, audible alarms and indicator lights, the vacuum system will automatically turn on and off to factory preset levels to maintain safe vacuum levels while the unit is in use and to conserve power. Vaclift battery powered units come in standard configuration and can also be manufactured to suit custom applications. Click here to see it in action.

Vaclift will increase efficiency, profit and reduce risk.

Click here to download our independant evaulation or contact us for more information.