Vaclift: Reliable, Affordable, Australian Made

Vaclift offers a complete range of vacuum lifting equipment to suit almost any situation. From lifting heavy steel plate to fragile sheets of glass, Vaclift are proving to be the most versatile and affordable vacuum lifters on the market. Designed and manufactured by Blue Water Engineering, Vaclift is Australian made and designed to save you time, money and injury.

Buying direct from the manufacturer means we can individually design, build and supply your Vaclift to your specifications. With a full engineering design team, Vaclift provides full and easy access to servicing, spare parts and support.

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The Benefits of Using Vaclift

• Increased productivity
• Enhanced Health and Saftey within your business
• Avoid Material damage, forklift tine marks, plate grab marks etc.
• You do not risk magnetising the material
• The ability to move material from a horizontal to vertical position or a full 180°
• Vaclift enables you to position the material, safety, accurately and easily.

For more information on increasing your factory or warehouse efficiency, increased profit and reducing risk, download our independant evaulation below.

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Where can you use a Vaclift?

Glass Industry
Steel Industry
Aluminium Industry
Stone Industry
Cabinet Makers
Roofing Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Motor Body Builders
Laminate Fabrication
Installing Cool Room Panels

And more...

Machinery Hire
Retail Panel Sheeting Companies
Laser Cutters
Router Cutters
Water Jet Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Oxy Flame Cutting
Transporting timber, steel, iron, plastics, plasterboard Aviation Industry